God uses messed-up, broken and ordinary people {Matthew 1:1-17}

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The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
 {Matthew 1:1-17}

When I first read the genealogy was all the way to Joseph, the first thought that came to my mind it was but...what? He's not really Jesus's father...as He's not the son of man, but digging into several books and commentaries I came to understand that in Matthew, the genealogy gives Jesus legal or royal lineage through Joseph and this was important for the audience this gospel was directed to.

In his gospel, Matthew presents Jesus as the King of the Jews, the long awaited Messiah. By telling the story of Jesus' genealogy,  Matthew gives us evidence that all points to the same inescapable conclusion: Christ is King. On the other hand, Luke records the genealogy of Mary (3:23-28) and BOTH Mary and Joseph were direct descendants of David.

Matthew also includes 5 women in his genealogy, so clearly he's not diminishing the role of women.

The women mentioned here are rather interesting:

-Tamar who had a sexual relationship with Judah, her father-in-law {Joshua 2;1}

-Ruth was a foreigner {Ruth 1:4}

-Bathsheba is identified here as Uriah's wife {1:6} but we must remember David's adultery with her and murder of Uriah.

-Rahab was a harlot {Joshua 2:1}

-Mary though she was a fine, godly woman, she had a problem of public reputation because of her pregnancy.

The genealogy shows how all the ancestors where both loyal and inclusive...and even from different backgrounds e.g. Tamar, Rahab and Ruth who were non-jews famous for their righteousness and devotion to God, This shows that through the lineage of Jesus, no one is shut out from God's promise no matter their gender or background. God's people include more than one ethnic group or nation.

Also, in all these names we found broken, flawed people, "sinners", some faith-filled, some faithless, both MEN AND WOMEN, some willing and some disobedient, 

I truly believe Matthew included all these messed up and ordinary people to illustrate Gods grace-to give us all hope. To show us that God always accomplishes His will and most importantly He's always faithful to His promises.

If God used all these people in order to carry out His perfect plan, His most beautiful promise, Jesus, I can rest assured than my life also fits into his perfect will. He can take my flaws, brokenness and sins and use them for His glory!

God uses ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary plan #quote

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